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Art + The Unconscious Mind:  Pictures & Words | Astrology & Tarot | Hypnosis (2021)

The word Friday comes from Old English Frīgedæg, ‘day of Frigga,’ named after the Germanic goddess Frigga, wife of the supreme god Odin and goddess of married love. Frigga is equated with the Greek/Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite/Venus. The dove is a sacred bird to Venus.
Most people know that Venus is associated with feminine energy, love, romance and beauty. Venus, like the dove, is also about peace and harmony. Venus represents being aware and caring of the other: receptivity, listening, being gentle and diplomatic, truly empathizing with the other's point of view to reach understanding and experience a balanced, productive - even pleasurable- exchange.
The Mourning Dove is common in the Mojave Desert (as it is across North America- I grew up loving the soft, sad sound of its call outside my window in rural Pennsylvania). Damiana and Gumweed are two Mojave plants also linked to Venus.