Lauren Buckingham Over

Art + The Unconscious Mind:  Pictures & Words | Astrology & Tarot | Hypnosis (2021)

Taurus Rising- Hand Painted Clothing


I hand-paint/letter designs on mostly vintage or pre-owned clothing. The images are largely inspired by the symbolism of plants, Numerology, Astrology and Tarot.

I've been amazed at how the images I wear, especially when I created them and they have a personal meaning to me, shift the way I feel. Putting specific visuals onto  my bdoy that I've arranged makes me feel I'm sharing a side of myself that usually remains invisible. It's somehow very liberating.

I think all images are sigils: an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power- I think all images have the ability to alter our own psyche, other people who see them, and in turn our environments. 

I'm open to commissions on your own apparel! You can contact me through the website form or check out the apparel option in my products section.