Lauren Buckingham Over

Art + The Unconscious Mind:  Pictures & Words | Astrology & Tarot | Hypnosis (2021)

Tarot Audio-Visual Reading

Price: 25.00 USD
This is a three card spread for exploring guidance around the topics of your choice: relationships, career, money, health, living locations, etc. It can also be a general reading, allowing the cards to raise the issues that are most beneficial for you to focus on at this time. In it, I will discuss the Numerology and Astrological associations that are found in the cards, along with the color and elemental symbolism. I will send you a video of the reading!

Astrology Audio-Visual Reading

Price: 50.00 USD
I'll examine your Natal Birthchart for an exploration of your questions. We can look into your personality type, special strengths and challenges, and/or a sense of career direction or soul purpose. It can also be a reading of the transiting planets and their potential effects upon you at this time. I will need your birth time if you know it, birth location and full date of birth. I will send you a video of the reading!

Handpainted Upcycled Clothing

Price: 75.00 USD
Browse available painted clothing on my Taurus Rising Project page! You can also send me a favorite article of your clothing, or put in a request for a type/size, and some meaningful symbols to you. Like creating a wearable and removable tattoo- we'll finalize the design, and I'll hand paint the customized illustration on it and mail it back to you. These will start at $75 (plus any clothing purchase price), though they are negotiable, and could be less depending on the complexity of the imagery. Please allow one week turn around time.