Lauren Buckingham Over

Art + The Unconscious Mind:  Pictures & Words | Astrology & Tarot | Hypnosis (2021)

Self-portrait, Los Angeles' Arts District. -2015

Lauren Buckingham Over grew up somewhere between the city and farmlands of York, Pennsylvania. Her family is a tree of artists, mechanics, designers, gardeners and builders. Her earliest loves were books from her local library and parents' shelves, and studying the tiny plants and creatures in the great outdoors.

Though drawn to Psychology from high school days, she was equally enamored with art history, design and illustration. Following her heart and a sense of play, she enrolled at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and completed a BFA in Drawing/Painting.

After college, Lauren became drawn to the world of Art Education through volunteering. She explored teaching in libraries, non-profits and graduate school, before completing an MFA in Studio Art at California State University, Los Angeles. Here she branched out to study photographic processes, found object sculpture and installation. During this period she was introduced to Astrology, Tarot and hypnosis, all of which captured her imagination. They harkened back to her strong interests in personality, archetype, counseling and communicating with the Surrealists' prized realm of the unconscious mind.

Recently, she's experimented with self-publishing, card deck formats, public signage installation, and incorporating metaphysical practices into her projects. Lauren sees art as a tool to access the subconscious/collective conscious mind. She's now a practitioner as well as ongoing student of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. Along with these, nature and holistic health are the main subjects of her imagery. She likes to think of her work as a dialogue between the land and the stars, examining the place of the human mind and spirit somewhere in the midst.

The next leg of Lauren's journey is into the study of hypnosis. She's enrolled in a certification program and will complete it by April of 2021. She plans to use this tool to explore the mindbody connection (the unconscious emotional roots of physical symptoms, inspired by Dr. John Sarno), life between lives/past life regression, and the overlap between hypnosis, meditation, dreams and creative visualization.